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Swich Makes Wireless Charging Sexy

Wireless chargers for smartphones and tablets isn't exactly new. However, many of them are visually clunky and not designed to be used while charging.  A new Kickstarter project from Slovenian design company Lutman Design could change that. The Swich definitely has a sense of style. 

Swich uses a mixture of ceramic, American Walnut, and acrylic foam with micro suction cups to create a stand that holds your phone on an 45-degree angle and uses inductive power charging via the Qi standard. The micro-suction cups hold the device in place, and offer the option of inclination of 180 degrees.

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Lutman Design wanted to raise 25,000 to cover the costs of production.  They received the necessary funding on July 6, and are now aiming to $100,000, which will allow them to add different color options as well as a built-in battery. Backers can now preorder a Swich for $170 in either black or white. You can also get a Swich in either gold or platinum for $320. The Qi-Standard-compatible phones include Nokia Lumia line and the Nexus 5.  If a backer’s phone is incompatible, $10 more will get you that ability in the form of a case or patch.

Looking at the current market, Swich will be a major step in wireless charging design. We're excited to see if they take this concept into the tablet stand market as well.