Survey: iPhone 5 Behind Four Android Phones in User Satisfaction

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How's this for a Tuesday surprise? According to a survey of over 92,000 smartphone users conducted by On Device Research, the iPhone 5 ranks fifth behind four Android smartphones in user satisfaction.

So what topped the charts? The first two are both Motorola handsets. On a scale of 1-10 with the latter being the best, the Motorola Atrix HD ranked highest with a score of 8.57. The Motorola Droid Razr M trailed the Atrix with a grade of 8.5. Then we have the HTC Rezound 4G at 8.32 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at 8.26. The iPhone 5 trails the Note 2 by 0.03 with a score of 8.23. Those who participated in the survey also indicated that they were more satisfied with 4G devices (7.76) than non-4G enabled phones (7.28), though we're surprised that the numbers are even that close to begin with.

So what does this tell us? Unlike what advertising, marketing and perhaps your friends might have you believe, the smartphone world doesn't start and end with the iPhone.

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  • Charles Rachor Says:

    Idk about the top phone, according to these results, but personally, as the owner of a Droid Razr M, I can safely say I am extremely satisfied with my choice.

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