Magnetic Smart Cover for Apple iPad 2 Does It All

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Don't call it a case. Apple announced a new case-like top for the new iPad that's called Smart Covers. It's a stand, a case, and a cleaning cloth all in one. Basically, it's a lightweight and thin flap that magnetically attaches to the front of the iPad 2. When you insert your iPad the device goes to sleep, and when you take it out the tablet automatically wakes up.

You can fold the segments into a triangle, which creates a stand in either landscape or portrait mode. The interior is made of a microfiber cloth that can help clean the screen itself, and the exterior is available in polyurethane ($39) or leather ($69), each with five color options ranging from red to green.

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  • Robert Says:

    I bought the new iPad 2 and it still gets just as many fingerprints on it as my original iPad and the smart cover does not magically remove the fingerprints like they said it would so I still use my iPad Cleaning Cloth from it works wonders...the smart cover is pretty cool though to use as a stand!

  • kingnick Says:

    who makes it apple or an outside company?

  • Tom Says:

    @Katie: There's more than one way to accomplish that. They're obviously not using Flash or Silverlight technologies, so this suggests to me they are using clever JavaScript to pull that off. As you click and drag your mouse, images are being dynamically toggled to create the animation effect.

  • Ontheroad Says:

    Just read an overview of how the Smart Cover technology works here:

    It appears that there is actually a magnetic sensor in the iPad that triggers the screen on and off. Interesting that Apple would go to such lengths to build this into the iPad 2 just to avoid having to hit the sleep/wake button. Furthermore, this cover doesn't really provide much in the way of protection.

  • Katie Says:

    Anyone know how they did the interactive demo in the center of the page? I know its a series of images, just curious if anyone knows what coding language or software was used to produce this. Thanks!

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