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Case-Mate Limited Edition Titanium Case: $300 for an iPhone Bumper?

Starting next Monday, heavy metal lovers who also happen to be iPhone 4 owners with an extra $300 will be able to cover the edges of their smartphone in corrosion- and scratch-resistant titanium.

Case-Mate's Limited Edition Titanium Case not only feels substantial, it's made from the same durable metal used in aircraft engines, and comes with its own tool set. To put together this manly gray case you need the mini screwdriver, screws, button covers, and two pieces of metal that snap together.

Based on our hands-on impressions, the Limited Edition Titanium Case involves a fair amount of effort and adds a little too much bulk. Plus, $300 is a lot to spend on an accessory for a device that costs $199. If you want to spend less and get a case that protects your iPhone 4's backside, we'd recommend the $39.99 Barely There Brushed Aluminum case from Case-Mate. But if you really have a craving for titanium--and money to burn--this accessory might be for you.