Sennheiser G4ME Headsets Make Games Feel Real

Any gamer will tell you that there's no sweeter sound than hearing a vanquished opponents cries of agony. That sound is about to get even better thanks to Sennheiser's newest gaming products: the G4ME One and G4ME Zero headsets. Designed to provide an immersive gaming experience, both headsets are targeted at both professional and couch gamers.  

The G4ME One headset features an open design, which will work best in a quiet home environment. The resulting airflow will help keep gamers ears cool during those brutal fights. Players can expect a super lux feel thanks to the cushioned headband and large velvet-covered earcups. The G4ME Zero headset offers a closed design and a revamped earpad design that the company says will make for a more immersive gaming experience. The padding and memory foam blocks out sound from the gamer's environment while simultaneously locking sounds in, keeping those loud explosions and trash talk where it belongs -- in the headphone. The G4ME Zero is foldable making it very travel-friendly.

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Sennheiser is keeping pricing and availability details as well as specs pretty close to the vest, so far. However the company has revealed that both headsets will feature noise-cancellation technology in the built-in microphones and utilize its PCV 05 Combo audio adapter. That means both devices can be used with Macs and the PlayStation 4 in addition to PCs. Using proprietary transducers, Sennheiser claims that each set will deliver "extremely accurate reproduction of gaming audio."

The headsets also have a number of smart features such as integrating the volume buttons into the earcup. Lifting the mic boom will automatically mute the sound. Both headsets will also have some variation of Sennheiser's ergonomic design enabling hours upon hours of comfortable play. Stayed tuned for our ears-on experience at CES 2014. 

Sherri L. Smith
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