Lenovo's Flex 2-in-1 is Now $180 Off

The Flex 4 is like a budget version of Lenovo's costlier Yoga laptop. Like its popular sibling, the Flex 4 is a hybrid that can be used in a variety of modes, but unlike the Yoga, the Flex 4 is currently on sale for $799.99. However, don't let its discounted price fool you. This 14-inch hybrid packs impressive specs that can give costlier notebooks a run for their money.

It starts with the machine's 2.7-GHz Core i7 processor. The Kaby Lake CPU is paired with a generous 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, both of which are rare finds in a system this cheap. The Flex 4 also packs an AMD Radeon R5 M430 2GB graphics card and a 14-inch 1080p touch LCD.

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Like its Yoga line of laptops, the Flex 4 can be used in Laptop, Tablet, Tent, and Stand mode. All of these modes are possible thanks to its 360-degree hinges, which let you push the LCD flush against the base of the keyboard.

The Flex 4 was generously configured to take on any task. Normally a hybrid with these specs would cost upward of $1,000. So if you've been eyeing a Yoga, but don't have the budget to match, the Flex 4 should not disappoint.