Samsung’s Floating Space Monitor Gives You Your Desk Back

Samsung's newest monitors may have you doing a double take, as the company introduces models with awesome ultra-wide screens, eye-popping resolution, and a sleek design that's unlike any desktop monitor we've seen.

Save Some Space with the Space Monitor

The Space Monitor may appear to be a standard desktop design, but take a closer look and you'll see that the stand is far from average, with a minimalist design that's focused on giving you back the desk space that most other monitors monopolize.

An integrated clamp lets the Space Monitor attach to the edge of a desk or table, while a dual-hinge stand lets you adjust the height and angle. That folding arm design lets you bring the monitor down to the desktop surface or raise it to sit flush against a back wall, opening up lots of open space on your desk.

We got a chance to try the new monitor recently, and we were impressed. The minimalist design looks slick, with built-in cable management, and smooth motion in the hinges. The adjustable stand arm folds into the rear chassis of the monitor, effectively disappearing when the monitor is in the raised position. The clamp is also surprisingly elegant, with curves and angles that don't look anything like the vice-style clamps used on aftermarket monitor arms.

The Space Monitor will be available in two sizes, with a 27-inch QHD model that offers up to 144hz refresh rate and a larger 4K model that measures 32-inches and has standard 60Hz refresh rate. Both sizes and resolutions offer impressive color, supporting up to 1.07 billion colors.

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The Samsung Space Monitor is up for pre-order now through, and, and we expect to see the monitor more closely at CES.

Stretch Farther with the Ultra-Wide CRG9 Gaming Monitor

A wider screen is great for most uses, but in gaming, it can feel like an unfair advantage, letting you see more of the game than your competition. Get ready to feel like a cheater, because the CRG9 boasts a 49-inch screen with a 32:9 aspect ratio, equivalent to two 27-inch monitors side by side.

The ultra-wide CRG9 has plenty of other impressive specs, with dual QHD resolution (5120 x 1440) and Samsung's QLED technology, which uses quantum dots and other optimizations to deliver deeper black levels than standard LCD panels and richer colors – up to 125-percent of the sRGB gamut, according to Samsung.

Made for gaming, the monitor has an impressively fast 4ms response time, and 120hz refresh rate with support for AMD's Freesync II. It also supports HDR10, giving gamers better brights, rich shadows and vibrant color, with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.

The panel isn't just wide, it's also curved, with a 1800R arc that gently brings the outer edges of the ultra-wide screen closer to the user for a more immersive experience without any of the distortion or viewing angle problems a similarly sized flat-panel display would have. A built-in picture-by-picture mode lets you use it as a dual-monitor configuration for use with Windows Snap features and fullscreen applications.

The CRG9 ultra-wide monitor boasts one HDMI port, two Display Ports, USB 3.0 and a built-in headphone jack. Wall mounting gives you the option to get the monitor off your desk, but the included stand is also designed to prioritize desk space while still providing the support a large monitor needs.

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The Samsung CRG9 49 Gaming Monitor os available for pre-order through Samsung as well as Amazon and Best Buy, but pricing has not yet been announced. Availability is expected in the second half of 2019.

Create in 4K with the UR59C Curved UHD Monitor

 Finally, Samsung brings artists and designers a 4K monitor with curves, combining 3,840 x 2,160 resolution with a 1500R curvature that makes using it more immersive and more comfortable. The display boasts a 2,500:1 contrast ratio, support for more than 1 billion colors, and a slim design that measures just 6.7millimeters thick.

Samsung has not announced the price or availability details of the curved 4K UR59C monitor, but we expect to learn more next week at CES 2019.

 Credit: Samsung