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Looking for a Retina Display iPad Mini? Ask Sea Turtles

Looking for a Retina display iPad Mini? You don’t need to call each local Apple store to find one.  Oddly enough, a website dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles has deployed a tool that lets you track the availability of iDevices.

Clicking a link at the top of brings you to a page that prompts you to enter your zip code and select which device you’d like to find. The site lets you choose from the iPad mini with Retina display, iPad Air, and iPhone 5s in all different storage capacities, colors, and cellular providers. You can also view a grid that shows you the general availability for either of these devices in select states. At the time of writing, the iPad mini with Retina display’s grid was mostly red, meaning that it isn’t in stock in most retail locations, according to SeaTurtle’s tool.

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The website says that it bases its data on its “latest checks,” meaning each number in the grid represents how many minutes have passed since the website has checked that location’s availability.

We found’s tool to be accurate when we cross-checked its data with that of  Apple’s online store. The local Apple stores listed as unavailable on didn’t have the iPad mini we were searching for when we looked at Apple’s website.

So why does a website advocating sea turtles care about Apple devices?

“Because we are Apple fanboys and we want to know when our favorite iPhone model will be available!” the website says.

The iPad mini with Retina display launched earlier this week despite earlier rumors that the company was facing production issues. Starting at $399.99, the new iPad mini comes with a 20148 x 1536 resolution 7.9-inch display and Apple’s latest A7 chip, which boasts 64-bit processing and an M7 motion co-processor.