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Report: New iPad Coming in April, iPhone 5S this Summer

Another week, another set of Apple rumors. And this one's a 2-for-1 special. The folks at iMore say they have received information from sources familiar with Apple's plans indicating that the next iPad, or the iPad 5 as they refer to it, could make its debut as soon as next month, while the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, will hit the market in August.

The iPad 5 will likely (and the iPad mini may) get some additional horsepower from new processors, but beyond that there is little to go on with the reported devices. The rumor from iMore is that the iPad 5 will get a reworked chassis, which will be the biggest change to the lineup. Whether or not the new iPad mini will get a sharper Retina display is also still up for debate, though that would follow Apple's modus operandi.

As for the iPhone 5S, iMore says it will get an August release and that the new phone will have an improved camera and slightly more powerful processor. TechnoBuffalo is also reporting that KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo says the iPhone 5S will launch in June alongside iOS 7. Kuo report, like iMore's, also says that the iPhone 5S will have a more powerful processor and improved camera, though Kuo adds that the iPhone 5S will offer a new A7 processor and fingerprint reader.

Kuo is predicting that Apple will launch a lower-cost iPhone 5 with the iPhone 5S. That version, the analyst says, will include Apple's A6 processor instead of the A7 and will not offer a fingerprint reader. The low-cost iPhone 5 could also get a plastic and fiberglass chassis and come in up to six color options, in stark contrast to the current iPhone 5's and the iPhone 5S' black or white metal body.

Until we get an official announcement from Apple, however, this is all still conjecture. Still, Apple's recent product releases have been preceded by a number of incredibly accurate leaks and rumors. Either way, we'll have to wait until we hear from Apple to see what's up next.

via: iMore, TechnoBuffalo