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Report: Google Tablet Launching in July, iPad mini Up Next?

Google has long been rumored to be coming out with its own tablet (co-branded with ASUS), and The Verge reports that the slate's release has been pushed back once again, this time to July. Though the tablet was allegedly ready to ship in May, sources say Google wanted more time to tweak the design, and to allow for a lower price than the current target of $249

If the Google-Asus tablet was released today, it would ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 7-inch display, a Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU and connectivity via Wi-Fi only.

On a related note, The Verge is also reporting on rumors that a smaller iPad with a 7.85-inch screen may be in the works over at Apple. Word of the so-called iPad mini has prompted speculation that Google is trying to beat Apple to market with its tablet, and some rumors say that the company is postponing the ship date so it can send off its device with the next-gen Jelly Bean OS.

via The Verge