Porsche's Detachable 2-in-1 Gets Massive Price Cut

The Porsche Design Book One is a head-turning detachable 2-in-1 with a clean design and premium build quality. Originally priced at just shy of $2,500, the stylish laptop has hit rock bottom and is selling for $1,499.99 at Newegg.

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That's $995 off, $153 cheaper than Amazon's price, and the best deal we've ever seen for this laptop.  

You might be tempted to dismiss the Porsche Design Book One as all looks and no brains, but this 3.4-pound laptop offers both good looks and brawn.

It's powered by a 2.7GHz Core i7-7500U processor coupled with 16GB of RAM and a generous 512GB SSD. It also boasts a 13.3-inch 3200 x 1800 10-point multi-touch IPS LCD, which is surrounded by an ultra-thin bezel. In our tests, we found the display to be nothing short of beautiful.

The display covers an amazing 135 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which beats the average ultraportable (100 percent), the HP Spectre x360 (102 percent), and the Surface Book (99 percent).

When used for everyday tasks, again the Porsche didn't disappoint. We were able to keep 30 tabs open in Chrome and stream a 108op video without hitting any lag.

The Porsche Design Book works it magic when you press its release button and use it as a detachable tablet. The magnets on the back make it easy to pop the tablet on and off. Its included stylus also has the feel of a real pen with 4,096 points of pressure sensitivity.

The laptop was on sale last month, but this week's sale beats it by about $50. Newegg's sale ends April 23.