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PiPhone is A Do-It-Yourself Smartphone

Smartphone personalization is improving by the minute, and the PiPhone could be the most customizable handset yet -- if you have some programming know-how. Created by Irish engineer Dave Hunt, the PiPhone is a fully-featured touchscreen smartphone based on the Raspberry Pi micro-computer. 

Made from a mix of recycled waste and basic store-bought components, the PiPhone costs about $158 to build. The device sports a 320 x 420-pixel display, 2500mAh battery and pre-paid SIM card. The handset can make calls out of the box, though the rest of its functions would have to be programmed by the user.

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According to its official website, Raspberry Pi is a "credit-card sized computer" that typically plugs into a monitor or TV. It's primary purpose is to help users of all ages learn basic programming, and is capable of everyday PC functions such as streaming video and putting together documents. The PiPhone essentially takes this bite-sized computer and puts a touchscreen on top of it. 

The PiPhone prototype shown in Hunt's demonstration video looks far from final, and there's no word on whether or not we'll be able to buy one soon. If it does launch, however, programming geeks should find lots to love in his unique creation.