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Find Out How Sticky Your Pins Are With Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is one of the most popular online networks to emerge after the first wave of social superstars like Facebook and Twitter. The site's intensely visual "online scrapbook" interface hooked an impressive user base, 48.7 million as of this February according to Reuters. However, as with all Web ventures, the real 48.7 million-dollar question is whether Pinterest offers a service users will shell out real-world cash for.

Today, Pinterest took a step toward making its service more than just a place to share pictures of your shell collection. Via the official Pinterest blog, the company introduced a new service that will offer business users cold, hard analytics. Now companies can finally find out exactly how much traffic this popular site is actually driving.

If you have a verified site on Pinterest (similar to a Facebook brand page), you now have access to tools that will tell you how many people have pinned content from your site, how many people have seen those pins and how much incoming traffic is being driven by Pinterest. Pinners who really want to drill into the numbers can also monitor statistics regarding a site's most clicked and shared content.

All of these new analytic tools are free, but we expect it will only be a matter of time before Pinterest offers a paid premium service. In the official announcement, Pinterest Software Engineer Tao Tao indicated that today's announcement was part of a broader strategy to cater to its business users. "Today’s announcement builds on the set of tools we offer for website owners including business accounts, Pin It buttons and board widgets. We think that these tools will help website owners understand what’s working for them and what’s not so that they can create even better pins in the future."