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Pebble Smart Watch to Hit Best Buy Shelves on July 7

The Pebble smart watch may have started as one of the most successful  projects to land on Kickstarter, but the finished product will soon be heading to brick-and- mortar retailers.Pebble just announced that has  struck a deal with Best Buy that will put its smart watch on store shelves starting July 7 for $150.

Although you won’t see the device in Best Buy retail locations until next week, you can order the watch online today. Color choices include Jet Black with Cherry Red to follow in August, but Pebble is already accepting pre-orders via its own website for other colors including orange, grey, and white.

Pebble began shipping units to its Kickstarter backers on January 23, with priority given to those who backed the earliest. The wearable device comes with a 144 x 168 pixel black and white e-paper display, support for Bluetooth 2.1 and higher, and a three-axis accelerometer with gesture detection capabilities. It pairs with your iOS or Android device to deliver incoming text messages, caller IDs, calendar alerts, Facebook messages, Twitter alerts and weather updates.

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Ever since the Pebble’s record-breaking Kickstarter project launched in April 2012, the smart watch industry has become a burgeoning area of interest for the tech community. Major companies including Apple, Samsung, LG, Microsoft and Google are expected  to launch their own wrist-worn devices. Sony just announced that its second-generation SmartWatch 2 will hit stores in September, and Apple just filed a trademark for the term iWatch across several countries earlier this week.