Nintendo TVii App Turns Your Wii U into a Media Center

Tomorrow, Nintendo will release Nintendo TVii in the U.S. and Canada; a free app for the Wii U that the venerable gaming firm claims will combine "what you watch and how you watch into one seamless, second-screen experience" by pulling your cable, satellite, and select video-on-demand subscriptions together into a central content hub. The company says that TVii is compatible with a variety of content services like Comcast, Hulu Plus and more. 

What's more, Nintendo TVii has some social features, including the ability to comment on whatever you're watching via Facebook, Twitter or Miniverse in real-time. Viewers can also learn more information about what they're watching via the GamePad, including cast details, movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and sports stats and scores. If executed correctly, this could make the tried and true remote control seem like a relic from the Stone Age.

Nintendo states that the app will support cable and satellite providers in both countries. However, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video subscriptions will only be supported in the U.S. The company expects to add Netflix and Tivo support in early 2013 here in the states.