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New iPad Coming March 16th for $499: Retina Display, A5X Chip, 4G LTE

The new iPad is all about the eye candy. The new device sports a new Retina display with a whopping 2048 x 1536 pixels with 44 percent greater color saturation. (That's a lot more than 1080p HDTVs.) It also packs a new A5X quad-core graphics chip to power that cutting-edge display and a new iSight camera that can shoot 1080p video at up to 30 fps. The device goes on sale March 16th starting on $499.

While Siri doesn't seem to be on board, the new iPad supports voice dictation capability that's fast and accurate. As expected, the new iPad features 4G LTE speeds in addition to 3G. You'll also be able to roam globally with the tablet. Apple promises up to 10 hours of battery life.

Apple is touting that plenty of apps are coming to take advantage of the Retina display, including the new iWork apps for $9.99 each. New games are coming too, such as Infinity Blade Dungeons, which looks amazing. An updated version of the GarageBand apps lets tablet musicians collaborate with up to four other artists. Pretty sweet. An updated iMovie makes editing full HD video a breeze. A new iPhoto app ($4.99) completes the picture with intuitive multi-touch editing.

The new iPad starts at $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB. The 4G version will start at $629.