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Navigon for Windows Phone 7 Offers GPS Navigation for Introductory Price of $29.99

Just because you've got a Windows Phone 7 device, it doesn't mean you're wedded to Bing Maps forever. Today, Navigon launched the first on-board, turn-by-turn navigation app for the Windows Phone 7 platform, with a bevy of unsurprising--but still useful--features. These include:

  • Customized route suggestions based on your driving style
  • Photo-realistic views for highway/interstate signs, exits, and lane guide markers
  • NAVTEQ maps for point-of-interest destinations
  • Real-time traffic information
  • Automatic rerouting
  • Saved shortcuts for frequently-used addresses
  • Speeding alerts 

Additionally, Navigon has released a free traffic app called traffic4all, which lays out where the current traffic gridlocks are on a map--obviating the need to monitor your radio closely during your morning commute. Colorful overlays show you where the sticky spots are: red for congested areas, black or white for blocked roads, and green for a clear way ahead. It even lets you look up traffic forecasts by entering a specific time and date for your journey.

Navigon for Windows Phone 7 will be offered for a special introductory price of $29.99 until November 15, 2011, after which it'll cost you $49.99 to get the full package. Navigon traffic4all is free but includes ads; you'll need to hand over $1.49 to turn them off. You can grab both of these apps over at the Windows Phone Marketplace, or learn more about them on Navigon's website.