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Nanosys Shows Off High-Quality Display. Will We See It on the iPad 3?

Did you think your iPad's display was the last word in high-res screens? Well, there's a new player in down that puts Apple's current display to shame—at least if we're to believe Robert Scoble, who went hands-on with a demo iPad unit sporting a screen made by Silicon Valley startup Nanosys.

While it's not clear if Nanosys will be providing the display for the upcoming iPad 3, it's pretty certain that the company has s0mething seriously special up its sleeve. Nanosys allegedly holds more than 400 patents for its screen technology, called Quantum Dot Enhanced Film (QDEF).

Essentially, Nanosys' displays use quantum dots, or semiconductor crystals, of different sizes. Because these different-sized crystals have different light sensitivities, Nanosys' displays can provide a wider range of colors than LCD displays can.  And judging by the difference in image quality between an LCD and a Nanosys display (see photo above), this formula works.

According to Scoble, Nanosys will begin shipping its screen technology later this year, though no particular form factor or brand has been specified. We'll just have to wait and see; this company certainly isn't going anywhere.

via Scobleizer