N-trig Announces Enhanced DuoSense Multi-touch Pens and Interface

N-trig has announced the next generation of their DuoSense pen and multi-touch user interface, with an updated feature set and improved multi-touch performance. This new technology will be available on a variety of operating systems, including Windows 8, and Android, in the upcoming months.

With N-trig's touchscreen technology, users don't need to choose between devices optimized for touch or pen input. The new DuoSense interface supports up to 10 point touch support and allows for simultaneous pen and multi-touch interaction. The technology can differentiate between intentional and inadvertent contact, minimizing accidental touches and providing a seamless experience switching between pen and touch interactions.

N-trig's new DuoSense pen aims to better match a natural pen-on-paper experience and allows for interchangeable tips and option side buttons. The pen recognizes 256 different levels of pressure allowing for more exact control of input and higher accuracy, providing a great writing experience whether jotting a quick note or drafting an intricate drawing.

There is still no official word as to which specific devices will take advantage of this new technology, but we should expect to see several 4th-generation DuoSense enabled devices appearing on shelves before the summer is over.

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