Moto X Just $49 on Verizon Through Nov. 18

In the span of a few days, Verizon Wireless has cut the asking price of Motorola's slick new smartphone, the Moto X, to $49. That is a quarter of its original price tag ($199 on contract). Through Nov. 18, not only will Verizon customers be able to snag a customized Moto X, they can still use the company's Moto Maker website to build it. 

It isn't terribly surprising to see such a drastic price cut; AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular all recently chopped the original Moto X price in half. Google's smartphone division recently posted a $248 million loss in the third quarter, while Motorola's revenue dropped 33 percent from a year ago. Also, according to The Wall Street Journal, sales have been pretty lukewarm on the Moto X so far, with just 500,000 units pushed since its launch in August. Keep in mind, however, the nifty Moto Maker customization tool was exclusive to AT&T until last month.

On our review we praised the Moto X for its compact design, touchless voice controls that help save time and swift overall performance. However, we were disappointed not to see 1080p resolution and limited camera features. Sales figures from the first quarter in 2014 will be the true test of desire for Motorola's flagship handset, as it will be the first quarter in which fully-customized Moto X devices through Moto Maker will have been available on all four major carriers. 

via PhoneArena

Joe Osborne
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