10 Best Mac Productivity Apps

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With the right set of apps in your arsenal, you can make your productivity skyrocket on your MacBook. We scoured Apple's Mac App store to find the must-have apps to help you do everything better, from keeping better tabs on mail to making the most of multiple monitors. Want to be ahead of the game? Download our top picks.


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  • Erica Says:

    I am using only 4 of the apps that are here. Also want to add a calendar app named Calinsight... very useful and easy Mac app.

  • Donald Kepler Says:

    Stellar Speedup Mac utility is also a productive application that removes duplicate files, trashes, old caches, old logs and unwanted apps from Mac hard drive. With this application one can enhance productivity of OS X by eliminating various junk files from the hard drive. The software is a shareware and allows limited Mac cleaning in its demo version.

  • Joaquin Mendez Says:

    You should add spectacle, is a free app and works amazing

  • l. m. Says:

    Hey there. Any opinions about pozzr.com ?

  • Mike Scotfield Says:

    Pull and WorkBurst are my two favorite productivity apps. Both simple and easy to use.

  • romweb Says:

    looks like the old coconut battery !

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