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Wild Self-Illuminating iPhone Case Hits Kickstarter

Even if it doesn't cause cancer, your smartphone gives off enough radiation to light up a small accessory. Available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting today, the Lunecase harnesses the handset's electromagnetic emissions to power itself, lighting up its backside to show when you have an incoming call or text. Though it is not connected to the phone, the case knows when you are receiving a voice call or SMS based on the cell signals that pass through it. 

Ukrainian startup Concepter has set a goal of $50,000 for its Kickstarter campaign and hopes to ship the first units in August of this year. The first 200 backers will be able to pre-order a black  Lunecase for a pledge of just $29 while the next 500 must pledge a minimum of $35 for a choice of black of white case. 

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After those first 700 pledges, additional backers can preorder either color case for iPhone 5s or 5c for $39, a discount off of the $50 MSRP. The case comes in either iPhone 5/5s or iPhone 5c sizes. The company is also offering custom-engraved Lunecases for those who pledge $99 or more.

We first saw the Lunecase at CES 2014, and we were blown away by its unique ability to grab power and data out of mid-air. The demo we saw featured a black case with a green ring that lit up when the phone received a call. However, the final production cases will have two separate indicators, a light that looks  like a phone and powers up when you receive a call and another that looks like a speech bubble that illuminates when you have an incoming text. 

A number of iPhone cases, including the FLASHr and VanD  flashing case, use the iPhone's LED flash to light up when you receive an alert. However, the Lunecase is the first product we've seen that uses electromagnetic radiation -- essentially a waste product -- for power. The Lunecase only works with the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c, but a Concepter rep told us at CES that the company may eventually build versions for other handsets.