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Tested: Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx is Longest-Lasting 4G Phone

Although much faster than their 3G competitors, 4G LTE phones have suffered from notoriously short battery life. How short? Try less than four hours in some cases. Fortunately, Motorola's new Droid RAZR Maxx is set to change the LTE's power-gulping reputation, as the Android handset lasted a full 8 hours and 25 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test. This test involves continuous surfing over 4G with the phone set to 40 percent brightness.

As you can see from the above chart, this is the longest endurance we've seen on any Verizon LTE phone, a full 3 hours and 40 minutes longer than the original Droid RAZR (4:45) and 1 hour and 43 minutes longer than the previous LTE leader, the Samsung Droid Charge. In fact, the RAZR Maxx is the longest-lasting 4G phone that we've tested on any network, including AT&T LTE (5:43, Samsung Skyrocket), and AT&T's (6:51, Motorola Atrix 2) and T-Mobile's (7:38, Samsung Galaxy S II)HSPA+ networks, and Sprint's WiMAX (5:51, HTC EVO Shift 4G).

None of the phones on the AT&T's 4G LTE network came close. The Samsung Skyrocket S II' Skyrocket's 5-hour and 42-minute time was the longest we saw on a network where the HTC Vivid (4:21), LG Nitro HD (3:53), and Pantech Burst (4:10) all lasted less than 4.5 hours.

To achieve this kind of epic battery life, Motorola has added a whopping 3,300 mAH battery to the design of its ultrathin RAZR phone. However, even with all that juice, the RAZR Maxx is only a mere .35-inches thick and 5.1 ounces, which is only slightly thicker and heavier than the .3-inch, 4.5-ounce original RAZR.

The Droid RAZR Maxx smarks the beginning of a new era in smartphone longevity, but does it have more to offer than sublime battery life? Stay tuned for our full review to find out.