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Logitech Pro Case Adds Bluetooth Keyboard to Galaxy Note Pro

Samsung just unveiled its brand new 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro tablet lines, and Logitech has wasted no time providing a new case for the beefed-up slates. Designed for protection and productivity, the Logitech Pro will add both an outer shell and full Bluetooth keyboard to Samsung’s new Pro series when it launches in February for $129.

The all-black Logitech Pro props the Note Pro or Tab Pro up at an angle and provides a full keyboard at the bottom, bringing to mind the Microsoft Surface Pro 2’s overall aesthetic. The cover’s two-sided folio protects both sides of the tablet, and uses a SecureLock system to stay attached to your device.

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In addition to a full QWERTY keyboard, the Logitech Pro has Android shortcut buttons for recent apps, quick panel and e-mail. When you’re not typing, you can hide the keyboard and use your Logitech Pro as a display-only stand.

We were already impressed with the Galaxy Note Pro’s PC-like features, and the Logitech Pro case is looking like a solid compliment to the powerful 12.2-inch tablet. Stay tuned for our full hands-on impressions.