Logitech's $50 Multi-Device Keyboard Pairs with 3 Gadgets at Once

Recognizing that consumers have multiple touch-screen devices but want a real keyboard for typing, Logitech launched the Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480, which can pair with up to three gadgets simultaneously and switch between them with a twist of a dial. We went hands-on with this curious accessory, available in September for $50.

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The K480 Bluetooth keyboard is small and portable--you could easily tote it around in a bad. Above the keys is a small slot with rubber edges that's wide enough to accommodate both a phone and a tablet in portrait mode. A small dial along the left edge lets you switch between a notebook, phone, and tablet--or whatever you want to connect via Bluetooth. 

Typing on the K480 felt pretty good. The keys have a lot of travel and a fair amount of springiness. In my brief hands-on time, it seemed like the round island-style keys were spread a bit too far apart, and may be a bit small for those who want a full-size desktop keyboard, but I'll reserve final judgment for our full review. But for $50, it looks like a good deal for those looking to get greater productivity out of their touchscreen devices.

LAPTOP Reviews Editor