LG Announces First 4G Tablet, the Optimus Pad LTE

Let's all welcome the latest newcomer to the 4G tablet game. LG has just announced a new slate, the Optimus Pad LTE, which is its first tablet to feature LTE connectivity.

The Optimus Pad LTE will sport an 8.9-inch True HD IPS display (1280 x 768 pixels) and an 8-MP camera capable of shooting HD video. The Optimus is the first tablet to support SD card expansion of up to 32GB, which certainly does give users ample multimedia storage space. LG has its latest baby running Android 3.2 with a 1.5-GHz dual-core CPU under the hood. (No word on whether it will get an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich.)

Hardware-wise, you're looking at a slim 0.37-inch profile and a modest 17.53-ounce weight (i.e., thinner and lighter than the original LG Optimus Pad). The Optimus Pad LTE will support wireless streaming via HDMI and DLNA. LG says the tablet will first launch in Korea, and it didn't provide a time frame for its arrival on other markets.

LAPTOP Staff Writer