LenovoEMC Forms to Bring NAS Solutions to Businesses of All Sizes

The long-ago-announced joint venture between EMC and Lenovo was finalized this week with the official formation of the aptly-named LenovoEMC, a company built on the bones of EMC's Iomega brand. Part of Lenovo's new Enterprise Products Group, LenovoEMC will offer an array of network attached storage (NAS) options for businesses large and small.

Prices for the venture's planned offerings start at an SMB-friendly $339 for a basic NAS box with limited SATA hard drive slots, all the way up to beefy enterprise solutions costing north of $15,000. For that price, the storage sports a rackmount design, support for up to a dozen drives (including SSDs), hot-swappable disks, dual power supplies, asynchronous replication and a veritable cornucopia of additional capabilities. The lineup runs the gamut from diskless bare-bones systems all the way up to behemoths with 48TB—yes, that's TB as in terabytes—of storage.

All models support both JBOD and RAID setups, though support for the various RAID types vary by model. All of the NAS boxes also include some level of virtualization support, though those specifics vary by price and target audience as well; SMB offerings pack basic VMWare and Hyper-V certification, for example, while high-end offerings also play nice with XenServer.

LenovoEMC's network attached storage products are designed to complement the Enterprise Product Group's ThinkServer and ThinkStation products. Lenovo and EMC are also joining forces to develop brand-new server technology going forward.