Lenovo: 2017 Brand Report Card

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Lenovo has a well-deserved reputation for building great laptops at reasonable prices. This year, the company leaped into our top spot by not only making excellent and innovative products, but also backing them with quick and helpful support. Thanks to these machines' excellent keyboards, long battery life or eye-catching designs, 19 out of the 33 Lenovo laptops we reviewed got ratings of 4 stars or higher.


Lenovo's Key Strengths

  • ThinkPads: They are the undisputed champions of productivity, thanks to their best-in-class keyboards, accurate pointing sticks and long battery life.
  • Yogas: Best series of bendback 2-in-1s
  • Pushing the envelope: From totally flat keyboards that double as writing pads to OLED screens, Lenovo takes risks.

Lenovo's Main Weaknesses

  • No high-end gaming: Lenovo's gaming laptops are nice, but don't get anything more powerful than a midrange, GTX 1060 card.
  • Mixed feelings on detachables: The company's Miix series of detachable 2-in-1s fails to impress.

Top-Rated Lenovo Laptops

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Reviews (31/35)

Lenovo received our top overall review score this year, because the company made so many top-rated laptops. We reviewed 33 models, 17 of which earned a score of 4, while another two earned a 4.5.

Nine of Lenovo's laptops earned our coveted Editors’ Choice, including the high-end ThinkPad X1 Carbon and the affordable Yoga 710 (both 14-inch and 15-inch models). There was only one Lenovo laptop that we didn’t recommend at all last year (the Lenovo Miix 700). The company was bolstered by its ThinkPad and Yoga lines, which we praised for solid performance, long battery life and comfortable keyboards.

Design (14/15)

Lenovo maintains its reign as the king of flexible productivity. The company's 360-degree hinges have become ubiquitous, showing up on any self-respecting 2-in-1. Lenovo has remained at the forefront of the trend, serving up soft-touch, coated beauties like the Yoga 900S, Yoga 710 15 inch and the innovative Yoga Book. But the creme de la creme is the Yoga 910, with its nearly bezelless 13.9-inch display paired with a watchband-style hinge.


The stunning hinge also makes a welcome showing in the detachable Miix 700, while sturdier dual hinges are seamlessly incorporated into Lenovo's iconic business notebooks, such as the ThinkPad P40 Yoga and ThinkPad Yoga 460.

That's not to say the company doesn't have its fair share of austere laptops — primarily from the ThinkPad line — including the T460s, L560 and E560. Although each offers varying levels of durability, they all feature the same staid black chassis with minimal accents, which signals its reliable, but boring, status. There is a ray of hope, however: The company recently started shipping silver business laptops like the ThinkPad 13, X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga.

Gaming laptops like the IdeaPad Y700 14-inch, IdeaPad Y900 and upcoming Legion series have an elegant, but understated red-and-black design language.

Support (17/20)

Lenovo's convenient callback service lets you sign up for a phone session online and either receive an immediate call or schedule one; we never had to wait on hold for more than a minute. The company's phone reps were friendly, helpful and willing to answer questions about Windows settings, something they wouldn't always do in prior years. However, like most support agents, they occasionally gave inaccurate answers.

On the bright side, upgrading your Lenovo laptop's RAM and storage does not void your warranty.

Innovation (10/10)

Easily the most innovative 2-in-1 we’ve seen, the Lenovo Yoga Book is an incredibly unique piece of hardware. With the push of a button, the bottom half of this convertible transforms from a pen tablet into a backlit keyboard. The Yoga Book digitizes your notes and sketches, and gives you 2,048 levels of pressure. Although the keyboard has a learning curve, this 2-in-1 feels like the future. Speaking of being ahead of the curve, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga is the first business 2-in-1 to boast a gloriously colorful OLED screen.

Value and Selection (14/15)

As one of the biggest PC makers on the planet, Lenovo features an extensive lineup of award-winning systems. The company offers premium 2-in-1s in its Yoga line, top-notch business machines in its ThinkPad family, and even budget-friendly consumer notebooks, like the Ideapad 110S.

Lenovo covers every major niche of the laptop market, but its gaming laptops come with budget or midrange specs only and can't compete with the high-end flagships from companies like Dell, Asus, MSI and Razer.

Warranty (4/5)

Most Lenovo laptops come standard with one-year limited warranties, but some ready-made ThinkPad configs (not configure to order) do better and come with three-year warranties. All ThinkPads and premium consumer laptops ship with "depot" warranties, in which Lenovo pays all of your shipping costs. Unfortunately, some lower-end Lenovo laptops have base warranties in which you have to pay freight to send them in for service.

On the bright side, upgrading your Lenovo laptop's RAM and storage does not void your warranty.

Lenovo gets credit for offering the most-granular options for upgrading your warranty service. You can choose specifically to go from base to depot to on-site service. If you decide to extend your term past one year, you can choose whether you want depot or on-site service for up to three or five years, with the maximum term depending on which laptop you buy. Finally, you can add accidental-damage protection as separate item.

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  • Richard Says:

    What a piece of junk drops WI-FI all the time and constantly goes crazy when typing?

  • Ginger Says:

    Worst laptop I've ever had. Gave us problems in only 1 months use. Garbage and wish we could get our money back. So disappointed. I hope this company goes out of business. biggest mistake and worst purchase we've ever made.

  • Aaron Says:

    Lenovo laptops are the worst. I wish I had never bought this machine.
    I will never recommend this company to any of my family or my friends.
    I've got tired with the constant visiting to the service centers.

  • Liz Wood Weas Says:

    I find this article to be highly inaccurate when considering my own experience with Lenovo X1 Carbon. I haven't owned it a whole year, yet we have had to send it back twice. They keep it two or three weeks, then it comes back with the same problems. The customer service department doesn't work at all with the "Depot" where the repairs are actually made, which allows them to avoid telling the customer anything about the device while they have it. What a waste of money! I'm a high school debate coach, so I rely on my devices.

  • Sachin kumar Says:

    Worst servies....company thinks that customers are fools..... Warranty issues makes them to do cheap things

  • James Says:

    No avoid Lenovo at all costs! Extremely slow, full of bloatware and adware plus Lenovo never live up to their warranty even if you computer bursts into flames.. they just refuse to give refunds.

  • Craig Schafer Says:

    There is no way Lenovo deserves to rate that high on customer support. They never have spare parts available and so repairs take an unreasonably long time.

  • mary1 Says:

    Ive just bought a Lenovo..B50-50. The sound is almost zero no matter how its adjusted. The computer is flimsy and the keys stick all the time. For some reason,, despite saving all my passwords...i have to keep requesting reset. Its cheap, but was not cheap to purchase. The warranty was for one year, but after checking it expires in May 2017. I bought it 16th December. I wish id done more research or simply bought another ACER or HP...Lenovo comp is really a shabby computer

  • John Pastor Says:

    Boy, I bought a piece of lousy hardware from Lenovo in 2015. Trouble started as soon as the warranty expired last Jan. 18th. It went into sleep mode and wouldn't wake up for months for anyone. I had to pay to get it working again. Then two months later--overnight--the sound card dies. I've never been able to use it without a power cord because the battery will not recharge. I paid $550 for this crap, and I would never buy anything from this Chinese outfit again.

  • Martyn Says:

    These are the worst reviews I've ever read. Badly written and many of them just stupid. I have bought a Lenovo just because these reviews are so awful. Based on the opinions of these jerks here I'm expecting it to be awesome.

  • James Winters Says:

    We bought two Yoga S1 notebooks and literally couldn't be happier. The upgrade to Windows 10 was easy and the hardware has not had any problems. They've been roughly handled and even dropped a couple times. Our kids will likely receive a couple for christmas.

  • Neeliegirl Says:

    Trashiest of laptops, Had the worst experience multiple times a year, Hard drive crashed, mother board conked within 8 months , battery issues. Terrified of the name and the product now

  • Sloth Demon Says:

    Our school uses Lenovo Thinkpads and my teacher hooked it up to a smartboard and got the BSOD(blue screen of death) and during technology we use thinkpads and they are almost as terrible like the imac g5s in the school and the internet on the laptops suck even more than the dell optiplexs at my school!!!!!! F*** LENOVO HP IS THE BEST!!!!!

  • Reacher Says:

    Never buy a computer from Lenovo. I ordered an Idepad 510s from their website. It arrived with a non-working screen. After a couple of hours with tech support and sales support (who didn't work over the weekend), I requested a replacement. They didn't begin to process the replacement until they had received my original computer back in their warehouse, which took several days. After that it was supposed to take two weeks to receive a replacement. I have been waiting for more than a month so far, and the expected date keeps getting pushed back. According to their customer service, the best case scenario is that I will receive a replacement computer more than 2 months after my original computer order. I don't even feel confident that the computer I receive will be in working order. Steer clear of this disaster of a company. No deal they could offer you would be worth the hassle of dealing with them and the shoddy quality of their products.

  • Nagesh singh Says:

    I have G 50/model of lennovo and I am using it since last 8 month....it is one of pethetic service by lennovo...they have given me poor quality battery which give me back of 4 min after power cut. Whenever I call to lennovo support team they never try to resolve the issue they always try to make fulish all the customer....they always try to cheat customers. Poor service they have.

  • George Liptak Says:

    Theoretically Speaking I got to tweak out the DNV mainframe and bypass the motherboard to gain extra gigabytes and she sung a tune and this computer has been nothing but amazing

  • Todd E Says:

    Don't buy Lenovo. Took my laptop out of the box and the screen was dead. After several hours with tech and customer service, they told me to ship it back and they'd send me a new one. Not waiting another week for another machine that doesn't work.

  • Rich A Says:

    I personally like my Lenovo G70. As far as customer service, any entity has customer service that needs improvement. My health care and cell phone provider takes 20 plus minutes to get through. I think good customer service is far and few between. After 6 sub directories deep, I hang up. I think the system was designed that way so you get discouraged.

  • Chris T Says:


    I Purchased my first Lenovo ThinkPad computer in the first week of February 2016. This P.O.S. Worked just over two weeks before the screen went dead. Just past BestBuys return date. Lenovo told me the repare would take ten working days to repair. It's been over two weeks now, still no word on when my computer will be repaired. I need my computer for work. And since I gave my old one away before the ThinkPad craped out I had to go out and buy another new computer. I took the plung and went with a new Apple. My new MacBook Pro is great. Apple should thank Lenovo for sending my business there way.


    Bought idea s 400 2 yr back policy of warranty not clear
    Authorised distributor n service network is poor in terms of behaviour n availableity of parts
    On line suppor is ok

  • Amyy W Says:

    Bought my Lenovo almost 4 years ago and there's still nothing wrong with it! Never upgraded it or anything and it's still as powerful as 4 years ago while I am an extremely heavy user.

    My Lenovo is able to play the newest and heaviest games while working with my sony vegas pro, my photoshop and watching videos or even streaming all at once.

    I used to have a problems with laptops where I had to replace them every year or if I was lucky every 2 years but since my Lenovo, I have been managing for four years and I don't think I am changing any time soon!

  • sarifuddin Saha Says:

    The lenovo laptops is very slim & that system is very fast

  • Stanford Says:

    Terrible customer service at Lenovo! I bought a replacement laptop for my son in college on Feb 3rd with an arrival date of 2/10... perfect - wrong! Lenovo forgot to mention that their factory in China that builds their Thinkpads was due for a weeklong holiday where nothing is built! Then combine that with our presidents holiday = no laptop until the last week in February. If I would have known about this significant delay I would have chosen an different computer! When I complained to customer service all they said was "sorry, there is nothing they could do" So far my experience with Lenovo has been frustrating and extremely disappointing and would not recommend them based on customer service. I am really hoping the laptop works well for my son but as of right now I don't have any confidence in it - I hope I am jumping to conclusions

  • Bhargav Joshi Says:

    Before Purchasing any products from LENOVO, you must be ready for treated as slave and beggar. then and then you are ready to purchase because most unacceptable and embarrassed Service Provider in Service Industries.

  • George Murphy Says:

    We have found Lenovo to have the absolute worst customer service and a lousy product. UNDER WARRANTY we have paid Microsoft store to address the situation with Lenovo. Got the laptop back and it was really no better. Then it was returned to Lenovo and they said they found the problem but don't have any parts to fix it. It's still with them. What a colossal waste of money and time. Meanwhile we got a Mac. I would never recommend Lenovo. STAY AWAY FROM LENOVO!!

  • Kelly Says:

    Lenova=garbage. piece of shit equipment. Take your money and get drunk instead.DO NOT BUY

  • Samuel Says:

    PLS NEVER BUY LENOVO LAPTOPS AND EVEN LENOVO PRODUCTS.lenovo laptops are crap.long back the company made good laptops..now it sucks at manufacturing laptops.I bought Lenovo G50-70 one year ago.till today I'm taking my laptop to service center almost every month and added to that service is too bad ..worst I have ever seen.the build quality of the laptop is of very low quality .hinges broke in just one month after purchase added to that both upper and bottom case is broken.pixel problems come now and then.Sometimes I even fear to open up my laptop because some part might break.strange beep noise during reboot.I suffer a lot literally.please never go for Lenovo products.its a waste.This is not a laptop I'm using its a WASTEBOX I would say..

  • Mrs Betty Odom Says:

    Toshiba sucks !! Apple is where its happing !!

  • Bobby Says:

    PLEASE DON'T BUY LENOVO PRODUCTS. I had a terrible experience with Lenovo Flex2. The laptop broke within 2 months of purchase. Getting is fixed was a nightmare. I had to also pay for shipping the product. The laptop worked of 3 more months and broke again - same problem. The computer is on but the screen is blank/black/dark. They now have a new system of registering for repairs - the product has to be registered on the website but because the # on my machine got scratched, I don't know how I'll find out. Wait times are horrible.

  • Greg Keesee Says:

    Bought a Lenova laptop from Best Buy 2 months ago. It is a piece of crap. Came with a free upgrade to windows 10. Only problem when you upgrade it makes the warranty null and void. Had to pay support 69 bucks to get the drivets back. Lenova is crap....pute and simple.

  • Robert Says:

    Lenovo is worst product ever and service is worst than that. Bought top of the line Y50-70 for $2,300 only 6 months ago and have already had 3 service calls. Keyboard stopped working and now battery stopped. Both times they could not get parts. And it's only 6 months old. Lenovo is the old IBM laptop company that was sold tried a Chinese company so they have problems. I paid for premium support in site but now find it only covers setup. Tech support not only couldn't fix my laptop after 2 hours in it, they deleted programs that made it worse. Don't know how cnet reviews missed how bad Lenovo service is.

  • Le Anne Smith Says:

    Do not buy Lenovo!
    I run a business and have purchased two computers from a store. Unfortunately, sales person did not tell me how bad the company are to deal with until my power cord stopped working. One month on and still waiting.

  • Bill. Says:

    Bought LENOVO E31-70 only to find out that internal mic doesn't work. It wasn't bought from Amazon so I had to wait 6 weeks (shipping, diagnostics, etc.) till a new one arrives. Straight out of the box, half of the touchpad doesn't work (even on highest sensitivity).
    No more LENOVO - refund this time.

  • Marky Says:

    I will never buy a Lenovo desktop again and never online from Lazada... came with DOS only, am sure it was advertised coming with 8.1 or maybe i just assumed that considering it had the MS logo on the page, anyway keyboard started going mental and tried every fix suggested for couple of hours before smashing it into little bite size pieces. The piece of crap usb keyboard and cheap arse mouse ruined what was an ok desktop, why be so stingy on things they could put some effort into and massively improve user experience. Case of being penny stupid, idiots. Will buy a decent wireless keyboard and mouse, am sure 7/11 stocks a better quality mouse at least.

  • Madeline Says:

    I bought a Lenovo laptop in 2013 and it is the WORST laptop I have ever had. When I bought it and brought it home NOT one of the three USB ports worked (should have taken that as a sign) because fast forward not even a year and the hard drive broke. I have several projects for school that require me to use video editing software and my Lenovo laptop wouldn't open or play anything no matter what kind of file I converted it to so I had to borrow a friends computer. Lately it won't connect to the wifi any where. DO NOT buy these laptops biggest mistake ever. They are complete pieces of crap and I'm looking into buying a different computer now even though this one is barely even 2 years old.
    I'm not a computer expert but I would not recommend this brand to anyone.

  • Gmoney1114 Says:

    Google "Lenovo yoga cracked screen" before you buy. There are a lot of horror stories because Lenovo won't stand behind their product.

    Buyer Beware!

  • Gregory Says:

    Proud owner of two G50-80s and an old B570 - none with issues, excellent keyboard and touch pad, excellent WI FI range, extemely easy to remove battery, hard drive. All I can say is read the reviews on Amazon and on Best Buy, and remember that the only allowed laptop up in space right now is a LENOVO.

  • DEF FED Says:

    Please my lenovo flex 2 15 said my McAffee antivirus protection is expired so a shud update but i don't know how and my general laptop is running slow please give the steps to fix this problem

  • Tom Jones Says:

    I purchased a Lenovo £3,000 top of the range laptop four months ago and have had constant problems with things just not working. The specs are OK and the build quality is better than some and worse than others. I have however had two engineer visits and each time they visit the call is closed even if the fault remains. I requested a refund but was refused so currently taking the legal route. Their after sales support is pretty bad, even if you pay extra. I would avoid.

  • Cotil Says:

    Please help got a Levono laptop its not even three years but my problem is
    When ever am using it .it shut off and takes about 20 min before it starts again.
    Every time I press power it lights up and after few min power goes off .I have try all the removed battery and stuff nothing works .help anyone?

  • Cynthia Says:

    I've had my Lenovo G580 for maybe two years now and I've never had such problems as I see people talking about in the comments. Yes, the battery life is abysmal, but oh well. Several people have complained about their trackpads being defective. I've got to say, I've never had any trouble with mine, and I'm not always the most careful person. The keyboard layout is great and I absolutely love it, when looking at laptops not many offer a near full size keyboard as it has. I do wish it had a better processor as it gets rather slow at times and can barely run Minecraft (I have to take down the fps and view distance a lot) and I can't have much else open if I'm using photoshop, and its not even a new version of photoshop, but it is getting on in years and I use it a LOT. My mother has the G570 laptop and the only serious trouble shes had with it was the hinges breaking, and that issue has been fixed in the later model which is the one I have. I pick up my laptop by the screen often (which I know you're not supposed to do, but I'm forgetful) which is hard on the hinges, but I've had no trouble with mine. Most people seem to have had serious issues with customer support, and I'll say I have no clue on that as I've never had to call them. I am a bit concerned now after reading these reviews and am considering other brands for my next laptop.
    Disclaimer: I am not an expert, these are merely my opinions and my experience with my Lenovo laptop. I do however know a decent amount about computers, probably more than the average user.

  • Gopi Says:

    I brought Lenovo G50-70 laptop in Feb but there was a line on the screen. As the product is under warranty, lenovo engineers (contract given to Wipro) came to my place to replace the screen but while doing that they broke my laptop screen side covers and later when I informed about this, the engineer agreed to replace the broken cover. But later they called me and said screen cover was broken before itself. When I complained about this to Lenovo, I haven't got a proper response from the customer support. This is the worst support I ever received. I request everyone not to buy any Lenovo products as their support team actually doesn't support and the engineers doesn't have any knowledge & experience on what needs to be done. Infact they doesn't know how to remove the screen cover and back case of the laptop.

  • Johannessen T Says:

    I bought a Y5070 early spring 2015, and the keyboard throws keys. The keyboard is crap. The support is crap. Calling Lenovo is hopeless. You have to wait on the phone for hours. It seems that Lenovo has not discovered e-mail yet. They have no e-mail you Reach them on.
    First and last Lenovo!

  • Elizabeth Senger Says:

    Horrible Customer Support!! Just got off the phone after 2 hours of being bounced around to 5 different people. No one wants to take responsibility, it's always some other department's problem, or some other company. I've been in IT for over 20 years, and this is the WORST customer support I have ever encountered. For years I've called Dell, HP etc. - sometimes not the greatest experience, but always got my issue resolved. I will never buy Lenovo again, nor will I ever recommend it to my clients. They simply don't care about their customers.

  • moses davis Says:

    This sucks i paid for a lemon what a bunch of rip artists you are Lenovo yous ought to be ashame with yourselves taking har earned money for crap that you know are shit fuckin hate you bastards yous need to be struck off i cant even view FB properly and this piece crap i paid for is 1 month old

  • TZP Says:

    First time purchasing an Idea pad and has been the worst experience I have ever had with a product. Nothing but problems two months after using it with one thing after another. I just get something fixed, something else goes wrong. Locks me out,screen is bad seems like there is a different bug every time I turn around. Tech support...what tech support. What a piece of garbage. Will never buy another product from them again and will dissuade anyone wanting to buy from Lenovo.

  • Robert Says:

    I have been using computers since 1995. I am not new to windows. I have had no issues using windows 8 on the Asus or HP. I needed a laptop quick one day and didn't have mine. I now carry the new Lenovo because if I lose it or break it I would consider myself blessed. This is absolutely the worst overly rated PPC on the market. It is so overloaded with BAD Lenovo software it will not operate properly. if it were not for the personal information on the hard drive I would throw it in the lake. Okay I wouldn't because I don't want o pollute the water with this trash. And these are the nice thoughts I have about Lenovo.

  • aqq Says:

    I have Lenovo G505 and it is the worst piece of SHIT i've ever used. I've had more functional laptops in the past that i bought as used. I have no words how much frustration this model brought into my life. The only thing you can use it for is maybe writing in Word but thats it. I fucking hate Lenovo and in a few months i will go with Acer or anything else. God, this is going to make me s happy when it is going to finally happen, you have no idea.

  • shirish Says:

    pl. never buy anything from lenovo. I used to be a fan of lenovo 3-4 years back but now their laptops are worst. they become defective only after 5-6 months and the service centers say that the date of laptop warranty starts from the manufacturing date and refuse to entertain warranty. Also, my ideapad z510 battery became defective after 5-6 months of purchase but even after i am ready to pay , they say their batteries are not available in india. What a mess.

  • Aaron Says:

    I like Lenovo's products but I have to say I've never had a worse experience with a company in my life. I ordered a laptop from their website and expected to wait several weeks for it to arrive. After waiting patiently, I finally received notification that it arrived, but when I looked closely I realized it was delivered to the wrong state. When I called Lenovo it turned out that it was delivered to THEIR facility although nobody had any idea why that happened, nor did they apologize for it. I was told someone would look into it and send it back out to the correct address. After waiting a couple of days and not receiving verification, I called back only to find out that they could not send it back to me (and apparently couldn't call me to tell me this) because once it was sent to their facility it was processed as a return. I was told to reorder it and they would give me 5% off. What a joke, I told them I didn't want a discount, just wanted my laptop expedited. They told me they would be able to get a new one out to me within 4-6 weeks. I checked the shipping status after 5 weeks and saw that it still wasn't scheduled to be SHIPPED for another 4-5 weeks, who knows how long it would have taken to come in from China... I called and they said there was nothing they could do. This was after that they assured me that they would get it to me as quickly as possible and would attempt to have it expedited so it would arrive sooner than projected. Not only did it not arrive sooner than projected, but it would end up taking more than twice as long as I was originally told. I cancelled the order and submitted several feedback forms and to this day have not had anyone contact me from that company to follow up, nor did anyone so much as apologize during the entire process. Keep in mind this was not a simple process, I can't even tell you how many phone calls I had to make, how many people ignored my calls and voicemails, and how long it took just to get them to handle the situation - yet they didn't even apologize once. I ended up getting a Lenovo from a local distributor and it's not bad but I would NEVER deal with Lenovo directly.

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