JooJoo Gets Only 90 Pre-Orders And Consumers Still Don't Have Their Tablets

According to court documents obtained by Gizmodo, only 90 consumers pre-ordered the JooJoo and 15 of them canceled their orders (possibly because of the delay). I'm only a little surprised at this news considering the ongoing legal battles, delays, and general unpleasentness going on behind the scenes. Perhaps people were taking the advice of many, including ourselves, not to spend the cash until JooJoo started shipping and actually existed in the world.

The 75 still existing pre-orders should have arrived yesterday. Are people happy with them or wishing they'd spent the $499 on the iPad?

Update: I guess pre-orderers didn't get their JooJoos yet as they haven't left Los Angeles. Engadget reports that, due to a customs delay, Fusion Garage hasn't been able to send out the tablets yet. "...the "absolute worst case" is that they'll arrive to customers via overnight shipping on April 2nd, although FG is hoping for the 1st," according to Nilay Patel.

I guess crossing your fingers is about the best advice anyone can give at this point.