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iTether App Lets You Tether iPhone Without Carrier (Update: Pulled)

We all know how selective Apple is when it comes to approving applications in its App Store. That's why it's all the more surprising that an app for sharing Internet connection between a Mac or PC and your iPhone made the cut.

Called iTether, this $14.99 app lets you use your smartphone data plan to power your Mac or PC's Internet connection. The one caveat is that the connection must be via USB cable, not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Still, given the substantial savings iTether offers (as long as it remains in the App Store), we imagine many users would be willing to keep the cord. Sprint and Verizon both charge $30 per month for tethering, while AT&T requires you to buy its $45 data plan (as opposed to the $25 plan). In short, the iTether app could save you between $20 and $30 a month depending on your carrier.

On Twitter, Tether claimed it was transparent about its app's purpose when submitting iTether for App Store approval. So it remains to see if this app will last—if so, that could be $15 very well spent.

Update: As many predicted, iTether has been pulled from the App Store.

via MacRumors