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iPotty for iPad: Toilet Trainer With iPad Stand for When Your Little One Squats

Need a hand in making your kid a fan of the can? Here at CES 2013, we got a look at the iPotty for iPad from CTA Digital. It's essentially a potty trainer with an iPad stand built into it, with the idea that the stand can be used to facilitate said training with the use of externally developed existing apps.

Compatible with the iPad 2/3/4, the iPotty was designed to engage kids who are shifty and often don't like to stay in the same spot for too long. Kids might tune out their parents, but they sure love to park themselves in front of gadgets. CTA Digital designed the iPotty with this in mind, hoping that when its product was used in conjunction with the handful of potty training apps out there, the pairing could accelerate the training process. CTA Digital hasn't ruled out making its own potty training apps in the future, but in the interim, current apps include a Sesame Street-branded one where Elmo encourages your child's training.

CTA Digital states that the iPotty for iPad should be available by March and will retail for $39.99 and be available on Amazon and elsewhere. In the meantime, stay tuned for further announcements from CTA Digital, as well as continuing coverage of CES 2013.