iPhone 5 Smashes Sales Records, Silences Critics

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Several pundits lamented the iPhone 5 as a lackluster update, but if preorder numbers are any indication, actual customers think it's anything but: the iPhone 5 is already shattering the lofty sales records set by previous generations of Apple's vaunted handset.

Press releases trumpeted unprecedented preorders for the first LTE-equipped iPhone. AT&T was the first out of the gate, announcing that the iPhone 5 is "the fastest-selling iPhone the company has ever offered," with strong sales continuing throughout the weekend. When we reached to Sprint for comment, a representative told us via email that "Preorder sales quickly met our expectations."

Neither company would issue specific preorder numbers, but Apple wasn't afraid to toot its own horn; this morning, the Cupertino company announced that over 2 million iPhone 5 handsets were sold in the first 24 hours of availability, a blistering pace that more than doubled the previous record-setting rate set by the iPhone 4S.

Indications of the rapid sales first popped up last Friday, when the estimated shipping date for a preordered iPhone 5 slipped from September 21st to a full two weeks out just an hour or so after preorders were opened. In other words, if you want an iPhone 5 on launch day and haven't preordered one yet, you might want to break out your camping gear. At least eight enterprising NYC souls have already claimed the first spots in line. Record numbers of used cell phones were also traded in the day of the iPhone 5's announcement.

Our own Mark Spoonauer may have said it best on Twitter: "So I guess investors and shoppers didn't get the memo that the iPhone 5 is "'boring.'"

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  • phlegm Says:

    The sales numbers does not change the fact that the iPhone 5 really lacks innovation compared to its competitors. It doesn't also change the fact that iPhone 5 isn't much of an upgrade from its predecessor.

    I just felt that Apple lost its innovation ever since the day Steve Jobs died.

    Apple is nothing without Steve Jobs. The innovative days of Apple are all over.

  • FIL Says:

    Sales maybe up from any previous release, not only, because of the popularity but also the integration of two more phone companies such as Verizon and Sprint; so of course the numbers will be higher than any previous iphone sales!

  • Tavares Says:

    Don't mean to be a "Debbie Downer" but those records don't neccessarily "silence critics", it just means that Apple knows what it's doing (i.e..marketing, releases, multi-carrier, branding). There's only one released a year, each one is guaranteed to be better/faster/beefed up over the last. Just because the announcement or overall feel was "boring" (I'd actually say "safe" and "familiar") doesn't mean people don't want the shiny new model.
    Beyond all the "fanboy-ism" of iPhone/Android lovers/haters this is actually a great overall device if you want a one-size-fits-all mainstream product with a loyal(rabid) fan-base and arguably the world's most recognizable brand; so it stands to reason that this phone will break pre-order sales records that will stand until next year's release. The sales records haven't silenced the critics, only real-world reviews, by people that have actually put the phone through the paces, can do that.

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