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iPad Pro Review Roundup: Great Tablet, No-So-Great Hybrid

The iPad Pro goes on sale today, and while initial reviews are pretty positive, it’s clear that Apple’s biggest tablet ever has some room to grow. We've pored through the early reviews to bring you the pros and cons, and to help you decide if this supersized slate is for you.

Wired(David Pierce)Pros: Great performance; big battery; spacious screen; loud speakers Cons: Doesn't feel like a real work machine; can't replace a regular laptop; Smart Keyboard lacks function keys"The iPad Pro is a fantastic tablet, not to mention the first iPad in ages that has an obvious value next to our giant smartphones.
The Wall Street Journal(Joanna Stern)Pros: Attractive design; faster than many laptops; Pencil enables best digital sketching Cons: iOS multitasking feels restrictive, Smart Keyboard has little room for adjustment"For now, the Pro does some things incredibly well—far better than the competition. But some aspects just scream, 'First generation!'"
CNET (Scott Stein)Pros: Gorgeous 12.9-inch screen; quad speakers, great drawing using the Apple Pencil Cons: Not a lot of apps optimized for iPad Pro; peripherals are expensive"The iPad Pro is a dream machine for graphic designers and media mavens, but it needs more optimized apps and accessories before it can fully achieve laptop-killer status."
The Verge(Lauren Goode)Pros: Beautiful display; speedy processor; accurate stylus. Cons: Smart Keyboard costs too much; still not a laptop replacement; pricey."It’s not better than my laptop, but makes far fewer sacrifices than I expected."
Ars Technica(Andrew Cunningham)Pros:  Excellent performance; light yet sturdy build; good typing experience, Apple Pencil Cons: Expensive for a tablet; no place to put the Apple Pencil; takes a long time to charge"Even with a bigger screen and new accessories, the iPad still feels like a 'sometimes computer.'"

The iPad Pro ups Apple’s tablet game to 12.9-inches and features an impressive 2732 x 2048 resolution. That’s more pixels than even the most expensive MacBook Pro.The iPad Pro also offers digital creatives a great canvas for their art via the $99 Apple Pencil. The stylus has detection for hand angle, various levels of pressure and battery life of up to 12 hours on a charge.

In hopes of doubling as a laptop when you need it, the iPad Pro supports Apple’s new Smart Keyboard (available separately for $169), which doubles as a cover or kickstand. It features slim, stain resistant keys, and the accessory attaches to the iPad Pro via Apple’s magnetic Smart Connector.

The general feeling from initial reviewers is that the iPad Pro continues Apple’s tradition of producing top-notch hardware, heaping praise on the sharp  display and thin and light body. Other positives include impressive battery life, and the prodigious power coming from its A9X CPU.

In a review for the Wall Street Journal, Joanna Stern cited swift performance from the iPad Pro, which resulted in its ability to export the same 4K video in iMovie a minute and a half faster than a Core-i5 MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM.

Where the iPad Pro seems to go wrong is with its operating system, as many reviewers felt limited by the multitasking in iOS 9, often resulting in a conclusion that the iPad Pro still can’t truly replace a laptop. In addition, many complained that the Smart Keyboard doesn't feel as good as a MacBook's and that it's missing a touchpad.

As for Laptop Mag, we should be getting in an iPad Pro shortly, so check back to so to read our full review.