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iPad Pro Available Online Nov. 11, in Stores Shortly After

The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro isn't just Apple's largest tablet yet; this super-iPad is Apple’s first real foray into the 2-in-1 market. Starting Nov. 11 the iPad Pro (which starts at $799) will be available for purchase on, with models coming to retail stores later in the week.

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Aside from the iPad Pro’s brilliant 2732 x 2048 12.9-inch display and speedy A9X processor, the new iPad’s most important features are the accessories Apple has made for it. While the Smart Keyboard is a little pricey at $169, it gives the iPad Pro much greater flexibility when it comes to both work and play. Apple’s keyboard cover attaches magnetically via a side-mounted Smart Connector, doubles as a kickstand, and uses seamless construction for better water and stain resistance. Like on a real laptop, the cover lets you use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the system, and search for specific functions within individual apps.  

Then there’s the $99 Apple Pencil, which looks to be a huge boon to large number of artists and creative pros that Apple has turned into devoted fans throughout the years. It features a built-in Lightning charger which Apple says will allow it to last up to 12 hours on a charge, with 15-second supercharging that should add an extra 30 minutes of use in a pinch. It also has two built-in tilt sensors that can calculate the angle and orientation of your hands, and pressure sensitivity that can differentiate between hard strokes, light strokes and everything in-between.

Will the iPad Pro be the hybrid device Apple users have been waiting for, or just another Microsoft Surface competitor in a growing sea of devices? Check back for our review of the mega-tablet to find out.

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