Apple Kills Off 16GB iPads, Lowers iPad Pro Prices

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Not to be left out from Apple's big news day for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, the iPad family has received both capacity upgrades and discounts for the Pro versions. 

ipad pro nw g10

The company is no longer selling 16GB models of its iPad Air 2, Mini 4 and Mini 2, as it bumped up the storage for the tablets at those prices to 32GB apiece. The once-64GB capacities on the higher-end versions of those iPads also got an upgrade, as they now come with 128GB of storage. 

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iPad Pro shoppers also get more bang for their buck, as the 128GB models now cost $50 less and the 256GB version are $100 less. That means more money left over for Apple Pencils, Smart Keyboards and iCloud storage.

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  • JuanSoto Says:

    > "That means more money left over for Apple Pencils, Smart Keyboards and iCloud storage."

    You forgot the $159 AirPods for those fancy new iPhones. 5 hour maximum battery life. I'm going to stock up before supplies run out.

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