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Watch: iPad Pro Cases Caught on Video?

The tablet market may not be as lively as it once was, but don't tell that to the factories ramping up production on a range of cases (including both traditional rubber and also a leather folio style) for what appears to a super-sized iPad. In the above video, Unbox Therapy examines these leaked-and-large iPad cases that seem to confirm that a 12.9-inch slate is on the way. 

Falling into the same pattern we saw with the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6, case manufacturers eager to have their products hit stores as close to launch day as possible have begun to produce cases for what many have dubbed the iPad Pro. These cases are cause for serious interest, because unlike random forms that make it out of some factories, they share the exact same measurements and port openings. Further, the cases line up with previous rumors, since they measure 8.75 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and most importantly 14.5 inches diagonally, leaving room for Apple to add a bezel and still hit the widely rumored 12.9-inch diagonal display.

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All of these cutouts for ports line up with what we're used to from Apple's mobile devices, aside from an opening that hints at stereo sound, and another, more mysterious port. (Unbox Therapy's Louis Hilsenteger suggests it may be a USB-C port).

The conventional wisdom about the iPad Pro is that it's going to be targeted at the enterprise markets, but that doesn't mean use cases will be limited to the business class. John Siracusa, podcaster and former OS X reviewer, has repeatedly stated that while a device like this 12.9-inch iPad Pro is something he wants Apple to make, he believes it would need more features to help it stand out from the line. 

One such feature that doesn't exist yet in iOS (though it is in Android) is support for simultaneous multiple windows. Another differentiating feature for the iPad Pro, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities with a track record for predicting Apple's next steps, would find Apple finally introducing a stylus of their own, jumping into the market currently dominated by FiftyThree's Pencil). 

Whatever the iPad Pro winds up being, it's clear that Apple could use all the help it can get. Apple recently reported a 23 percent year-over-year decline in iPad sales.