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iPad HD with 2048 X 1336 Display Rumored; iPhone 4S to Use iPhone 5 Components

There's been no shortage of news about the next iPhone, but things have been quite on the iPad rumor front lately. Now, This is my next reports that, in addition to an iPad 3, Apple may be coming out with a higher-res version of the tablet dubbed the iPad HD.

According to source, the iPad HD will boast a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and will be geared toward a higher-end market. There's also world that this device will be unveiled along with an iPad-compatible version of Aperture or Final Cut Pro, which suggests than an iPad HD will target video and photo professionals. If Apple is truly adding an iPad HD to its product roster, it will sit alongside the various models in the iPad 2 line. In other words: Still expect to hear about an iPad 3 in the coming months.

Because no Apple rumor post is complete without some tidbit about the iPhone, we have more news on the alleged iPhone 4S. According to This is My Next, Apple may be using iPhone 5 components in a casing that looks like the iPhone 4. What this means for the mystery device's "4S" name is unclear, but it looks like it will have more in common with the iPhone 5 than we thought.

via This is my next