International Dell Sites Leak Rose Gold XPS 13

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On the heels of an online leak that revealed that Dell will release an XPS 13 with 7th generation Intel "Kaby Lake" CPUs, the company's sites in the United Kingdom and China show the new computer in rose gold alongside the traditional silver.

notebook xps 13 polaris pdp rg 3

The rose gold XPS 13 / Credit: Dell

Rose gold has proven to be a popular tech color, especially after the release of the iPhone 6s in that hue last year. The leaks about the new XPS 13 have been popping up consistently in the r/dell subreddit.

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The UK site doesn't list any prices, but the Chinese site starts at RMB 6,999.00, roughly $1,048 as of this writing. The Chinese site also confirms the Kaby Lake CPUs. 


Dell has not yet announced that a Kaby Lake XPS 13 exists, but we expect to see it soon with all of these leaks springing up.

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  • JoshL Says:

    As someone who lived with an XPS 13 as an every day machine for two months, I was disappointed. There were hardware issues - notably refusal to turn off, extremely poor Wi-Fi and a palm rest which RADIATED hand heat - and software issues (Dell's build of Windows 10 is flawed - Cortana > Settings wouldn't select/work). Dell better improve this before I jump back in.

  • Callanish Says:

    When did England represent the entire U.K. It's obviously a Dell U.K website that you are linking to, so why reference just England when you're referring to a product being released all over the entire U.K?

  • tinotenda Says:

    I love Dell must improve ..

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