Intel to Release Internet TV Box This Year

Intel is all set to throw its hat into the Internet TV ring later this year. Erik Huggers, who is the General Manager of Intel Media, announced that they'll be releasing a set top box, though that may not be all. 

When speaking at the Dive Into Media conference, Huggers declared that the as-yet-unnamed hardware will be capable of providing "live television, catch-up television, on-demand, and a set of applications."

He also alluded to the possible availability of genre-specific content packages. Though he acknowledged that users desire "choice, control and convenience" when it comes to what they watch, Huggers stopped short of stating whether full-fledged a la carte programming will be an option for consumers via Intel's hardware. Intel states that they'll be working with the HEVC video codec, which Huggers says can provide better image quality than H.264.

Naming, pricing and specific availability information is currently unavailable.

via The Verge