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IDC: Global PC Shipments Down. Is Windows 8 To Blame?

According to market analysis firm IDC, February was a slow month for overall PC shipments in China. And as China goes, so does the world. That's because China is the top PC market overall, accounting for 21 percent of global shipments in 2012. IDC claims that the country's lethargic performance in February will affect March numbers worldwide by 2 percent. While specific factors that led to the decline were already accounted for, including the Chinese New Year, one IDC bigwig may be attempting to shift blame to Windows 8.

Loren Loverde, the program vice president of worldwide PC trackers for IDC, said "Based on our latest quarterly figures, global PC shipments were expected to decline by 7.7 percent in the first quarter as vendors and the supply chain work through the Windows 8 transition." Could that have been a veiled jab at Microsoft's polarizing OS?

Loverde's forecasts for the rest of the year aren't much rosier, going on to say that "...our February monthly data suggest that we could see a drop touching double-digits in the first quarter and a mid-single-digit decline in the second quarter before we see any recovery." This in conjunction with the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and speculated launches of hot items later in the year such as the Nexus 5 and Apple iPhone 5S could severely cut into the PC market as well.

Considering how weak these shipment numbers are, perhaps there is some truth to the rumors that we're entering the post-PC era.