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HP Testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

Well, here's a surprising twist. According to Fox News' sources, HP's hardware team has been testing Windows 8 on HP TouchPads. The company had announced back in August that it planned to discontinue the webOS hardware.

Sources said that the effort comes under the leadership of CEO Meg Whitman, newly at the helm of the company. Further, Fox claims that HP has been holding internal discussions about reviving the TouchPad, or even building new devices that will specifically run the Windows 8 mobile platform. This seems to go against HP's earlier stated intentions that they would spin off its PC hardware unit and transition it to enterprise software.

Whether or not the testing will become a reality is uncertain: It's only at "proof-of-concept" stage now. But this news definitely adds confusion about what HP's actual plans for both the TouchPad and WebOS are.

via Fox News