HP Launches Budget g-series Notebooks starting at $449

Consumers looking for budget notebooks will find plenty of style in the just-announced HP Pavilion g-series. The company is merging its current G series with the Pavilion line, making it a bit more sleek and stylish. Best of all, the line starts at the low price of $449, making it very affordable.

The terraced keys on the g-series don't look as nice as the island-style keyboards on the upscale Envy or dv series, but have a slightly concave shape, making them comfortable to type on. Like the current G series, the new notebooks will have a touchpad that's flush and indistinguishable from the rest of the keyboard deck. However, a microtexture will let your finger know when it's strayed too far.

A wide variety of color options will be available--Charcoal Gray, Luminous Rose, Pacific Blue, Pewter, Sonoma Red, and Sweet Purple--though not all colors will be available in all corners of the world.

The g-series will come in three sizes: The g4 will have a 14-inch screen, and start at $499; the g6 has a 15.6-inch screen, and stats at $449; the g7 has a 17-inch screen, and starts at $599.

LAPTOP Reviews Editor