New HP Envy Offers MacBook-Thin Design at Mid-Range Price

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HP announced today that it is refreshing its 13-inch Envy laptop with Intel's newest seventh-generation Intel Core CPUs and longer battery life. The new models will sell at and brick and mortar retailers starting at $850 on October 26.

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The Envy is HP's attempt to bring high-end design to consumers at mid-range prices, and now they're adding some new features. Storage now includes options up to a 1TB PCIe SSD, USB Type-C, and fast charge. HP is offering 13.3-inch QHD+, FHD and UHD display options and claims that the battery will last up to 14 hours. 

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We're approaching the new model with cautious optimism. When we reviewed the Envy 13t last year, we were disappointed with the notebook's incredibly short battery life of just 5 hours and 48 minutes. It also had slow file-transfer speeds and a ton of bloatware. On the other hand, we did love the attractive design and powerful speakers and we're looking forward to see how HP has iterated on them.

We hope to have the Envy on our lab's test bench soon for a full review. Stay tuned.


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