How to Use Your iPad 2 as a Wireless Disk Drive

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could mount your iPad as a wireless disk drive for your PC? You can using the Air Sharing HD app ($9.99;, which lets you drag and drop files to your tablet as if it were a thumb drive. You can also create folders and e-mail documents and print them from the app. Transfers over a local Wi-Fi network weren’t super speedy on our tests, but it beats having to plug in via USB.

Here’s how to start transferring files over Wi-Fi.

  • Download and open Air Sharing HD from the iTunes App Store.
  • Click Start and then Computer on your PC.
  • Click Map Network Drive in the toolbar, then select a drive letter from the drop-down menu. We chose Z.
  • Enter the Air Sharing IP address in the Folder field. We entered (Note: The Help menu in the Air Sharing HD app includes alternate instructions if you’re running Bonjour on a Mac or PC.)
  • Ensure that the Reconnect At Login box is unchecked.

Your Air Sharing network drive is ready to use. On your desktop, drag and drop any files you would like to transfer to the iPad to the assigned drive letter. Here, you can also create folders (e.g., Documents, Photos).

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