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How to Use LogMeIn Ignition on the iPad 2

Here's how you download and use LogMeIn on the iPad 2:

  • Sign up for LogMeIn Free and install it on your laptop.
  • Download LogMeIn Ignition from the iTunes App Store.
  • Log in with your e-mail and password. (You can also check off whether you want the app to remember your login.)
  • You’ll now see a list of My Computers. Tap the PC you would like to access. (In this case, we chose Lenovo-Think.)
  • Choose between the remote-control and file access options.
  • If you choose the remote-control option, enter your access code on the next screen. You’ll then be brought to your notebook’s desktop.
  • If you choose to access files, enter the access code. You’ll then be able to access documents on your laptop’s hard drive and copy them to the Local Files area within the Ignition app.

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