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How to Stay Alert with Notifications on Your iPad

iOS 5 aggregates alerts into one easy-to-access box (similar to Android). After a simple setup process, users can swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal alerts for new texts, status updates, friend requests, stock updates, weather reports, calendar reminders, and incoming e-mails. Specific types of alerts can also be viewed on the lock screen.

Set Up Notifications

  • Open the Settings menu and click Notifications.
  • Select an app you want displayed in the notification shade or on the lock screen.
  • Choose on or off for Badge App Icon, Show, and View in Lock Screen located in Settings.
  • Click Show to change the number of Recent Items shown.
  • Select Repeat Alert to change the number of times the alert rings.
  • Swipe right on a specific notification from the lock screen to launch that application.

Create Reminders

With iOS 5’s revamped reminders, you can enter all your to-dos into your iPad, complete with location-aware alarms and iCloud support. Reminders can also be linked to a Microsoft Exchange account or another e-mail account.

  • Open the Reminders app.
  • Choose a day on the calendar to create a new reminder.
  • Enter a Reminder title, such as Grocery List, in the empty row.
  • Click the small box next to the title to reveal the Details screen.
  • Enter corresponding details such as Due Date, Priority, or Notes.
  • Select Remind Me to set an alarm.
  • Slide the On A Day tab to On.
  • Select a date below the On A Day tab.
  • Set the location by sliding the At a Location tab to On.
  • Choose the current location or enter an alternate address by clicking the Current Location tab.
  • Select When I Leave or When I Arrive to set the alarm.

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