How To Mount Your Android Tablet's Storage on a Mac

Have a Mac? Have an Android Honeycomb tablet? Having issues getting one to see the other? We can show you how to make them play nice.

Unlike PC's, when you use a Mac, you are required to download a specific program to transfer your files to and from your Honeycomb tablet. The good news is that once you download it and run it for the first time manually, it will automatically run itself the next time you plug in your device.

1. Download the Android File Transfer program.

Android File Transfer Program

2. Click the File Transfer .dmg file.

3. Put the Android File Transfer program into your Mac's Applications folder.

4. Connect your Android tablet via USB cable to your Mac computer.

5. Open the Android File Transfer program on your computer (it will automatically open from now on upon connecting the tablet). Your tablet's file system should open as a new disk drive on your Mac.

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