How to Get a Free .edu Address for Student Discounts

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This method no longer works for acquiring a .edu email address. 

Being a student has a lot of perks, such as a deep markdown on Amazon Prime, discounts on major newspapers and savings at numerous popular retailers. Unfortunately, the money saved won’t come even close to displacing the rapidly increasing cost of education, but there’s an easy way to reap many of the benefits of student status without dropping the big bucks on school.

Many online retailers will verify your student status by requiring you to sign up with a simple .edu email address, which is typically available only to attendees of a college or university. From time to time, however, an .edu website will allow users to register an email address without actually checking their student status. It’s a way for non-students to get many of the benefits of being a student without taking on loan after loan. This is often subject to abrupt change, when an organization learns how it's being exploited.

There are certainly ethical questions about taking advantage of the system, but if you're determined to do it, here’s how to get an .edu email address.

1. Visit the account creation page on the California Colleges website and select that you’re a College or Postsecondary School Student. The California Colleges website is a place for students and potential students to plan their educational path. It allows anyone to sign up for an email account, but you’ll want to select that you’re currently a college student.

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2. Select Find and choose your favorite college from the list. Have you ever dreamed of attending a California college? Here’s your chance to pretend that you’re really there! There are a long list of schools, from universities to community colleges to choose from. Pick your favorite.

2  choose college copy 569x400

3. Enter in your personal information, and select an account name and password. You certainly can use your real information, but there’s no system in place to check anything. Entering sensitive information, such as your address, is optional. We recommend filling out the bare minimum of the form. Note that your account name will be your new email address.

3   signup form 429.58861578266403

4. Click to continue once you see the notice that your account has been successfully created. If you’ve filled out the form correctly, you should be redirected to a page that confirms your new account. If you see this page, you now have an .edu email address.

5. Click My Portfolio in the top right corner, followed by Send and Receive Messages to view your new .edu email address. This is where you’ll go when you want to view your messages — which is often required by sites offering student discounts in order to verify that you’re the owner of the account.

5   inbox 432.94915254237403

6. Send yourself a test email. It’s good to know that your new email address actually works. Head over to an existing email account and send a message to your new .edu address. Then, return to your new .edu inbox and refresh the page to view your test message.

6   test email worked 437.40879689521403

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  • Jenny Says:

    I struggle but I finally found one on
    It's not longer available on fiverr though.

  • arghh Says:

    Doesn't work at all, this article really needs to be deleted...

  • Jules F Says:


    He goes everywhere and copies messages from other people to appear legit and inserts his own link.

    I fell for this little POS and bought from his store at . Good bye my money.

    Do yourself a favor and DON'T GET NEAR that page ever. I got scammed big time and they have ZERO customer protection.

    Email I got was blocked within 24 hours and I couldn't get my money back.

    Buy on Fiverr or another respectable page, not that page full of hackers and crooks,

  • It's Me Says:

    Damn it, got all excited to scam some software and it now says on sign-up screen:

    "* This website no longer supports the creation of a e-mail address. If you do not currently have an e-mail account, you may create an account for free by using any of the popular e-mail websites (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail)"

    Allrightie... another scam is to enroll in a school fulltime to get set up and get the email etc then drop all the classses before the financial refund deadline.

    SOME schools will neglect to delete accounts, but others (like UCLA) will do regular sweeps and cut you off after year or so.

    Also good way though if you needed to buy health insurance as a "student"

  • Norma Meza Says:

    It works but you can't receive html emails, only plain text. Amazon prime sends you confirmation email in html, so no use for me. I ended buying one on as others suggested below. In short, it works because you can create an account, but that account is very limited and you will not be able to get any discount unless confirmation email is sent on plain text format, which on 2017 is no longer used.

  • Dymas Sedhayu Says:

    Its still legit, i just make it and get email .edu, just follow the instruction correctly.

  • John V. Says:

    The California Colleges Edu website no longer provides edu addresses. You need to update this on your website. I was seeking an edu email address because my school will no provide me with one since I am not a permanent teacher, but rather, on contract.

  • Pizza_ghost Says:

    Today i learn something always check comments before doing something written on the tutorial.

  • zuber pathan Says:

    ive got .edu account but when singing up for amazon prime what to fills in the details?
    i had tried filling in details but no luck ... they say youve problem with your .edu account contact amazon customer service please reply asap

  • aa123 Says:

    no longer work anymore, change to edu, not working, try to sent message to another email address. Not working..

  • Mattdsvsdga Says:

    Just wanted to comment and say that this no longer works. They give you a .net instead of .edu now

  • Brad_H Says:

    I purchased one of those emails and you cannot change your password! This means whoever is selling these hacked accounts will have FULL access to your account! You need to have a registered social security number listed with college to change password. I got an immediate refund since I am not interested in sharing email account with some stranger.

  • Ameer Hamza Says:

    Please Give us another method of geting .edu id

  • Farly Says:

    yea, when you see someone offering .edu email from india, pakistan or china, there is something fishy going on. I heard that some of these emails are shared accounts which means that whomever owns the original account will have access to read your emails?

  • Allison Says:

    When I tried to sign up, the form said, "This website no longer supports the creation of a e-mail address."

  • SM Says:

    Total waste of time. It just created me a .net ID

  • ronak Says:

    This link is not working anymore as they have taken creating account service down.

  • Isis Says:

    For those with .net email. Just replace the .ent with a .edu and you are good to go. You can e-mail yourself to test it. Still no verification e-mail will go through though.

    Try things before calling names.

  • Brandi Says:

    It gave me a .net address.

  • john Says:

    Yea, they don't give you a .edu any more. It's .net instead.

  • Pissed off Says:

    You stink, this article is outdated. It gave me a .net address, which is useless. Again, you stink!

  • William R. Cousert Says:

    The free email account doesn't support HTML, so it's basically worthless.

    Are there any other alternatives?

    I live in California. Can I sign up for a single online class and qualify for the freebies?

  • Jino Says:

    .net suffix mail ids only.

    They changed .edu to .net

  • Trav Tedesco Says:

    They changed the email suffix, instead of giving you a .edu, you get a .net email address. Fail and a waste of five minutes of my time. Thanks.

  • Nicols Says:

    Gives you a .net email address now :(

  • Kenneth Says:

    Only I say, Thanks!!!

  • kim Says:

    Hi, I followed the steps and everything went smoothly but when I tried the test e-mail, nothing went through... I copied and pasted the .edu email into my inbox but I don't know why it didn't go through. I even tried to enter the e-mail on bestbuy to get the $150 off for the mac book but the coupon never went through either. Is there something im doing wrong?

  • Christopher Jacobs Says:

    Some guy said he would activate the account within 2-4 days, and the link wasn't required, while some woman asked if I could send her a photograph of proof of enrollment

  • Terry Says:

    Amazon sends an html email to the site, but it gets scrubbed before reaching the inbox. Therefore you can't click on the link to confirm the address :(

  • Felix Merrington Says:

    Just used this with the Github Student Pack, works perfectly!

  • Steve Says:

    Californiacolleges still works for signups. HOWEVER, bestbuy no longer will send edu discount emails to Californiacol. Amazon does NOT recognize Californiacol and may get you banned for life ! Also, Microsoft does NOT recognize the email for ANY of its free edu software packages such as free Office.

  • Shel Says:

    I just tried this. It asked for my current email address. When it completed it told me that my account was under my current email address.

    No .edu email was given to me.

  • Jonathan Nagel Says:

    I just pulled it off for Amazon. Here are the steps I did. 1.Used this guide to setup email. 2. Contacted Amazon live chat 3. Told them the email they sent me has no HTML so I could not view the email but got it and gave them an alternative email that I had associated with Amazon. They asked me where I would like the email sent and gave them the one that was on my account. Done deal. Just that easy. Now I will be able to have free prime for 6 months and after that will get the student discount prime for $49. Can't beat that. Thanks.

  • Steve Says:

    Just tried this with best buy's student discount page, never received the e-mail - test emails send/receive fine though so it appears they've caught on. Any alternatives?

  • BAH Says:

    Seems many promotional programs have caught up to this. If you try signing up for amazon prime using one of these email addresses for example you will just receive a blank email from amazon.

    So really this isn't all that helpful.

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