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How to Game with Friends on Your iPad

To capitalize on the iPad’s momentum as a viable gaming platform, iOS 5 provides a more social version of Game Center. Now players can see their friends’ scores as well as scores of potential opponents. There is also a new friend recommendation component that makes suggestions based on the games you’ve played.

Instead of having to go to the App Store to purchase new games, users can now purchase them from within Game Center. Available games are displayed with a star rating, the number of downloads, and game recommendations. Notifications have also changed: Instead of popping up mid-screen and interrupting gameplay, they now appear at the top of the screen.

Create a Game Center Account

  • Select Create Account.
  • Choose whether Game Invites are on or off.
  • Select Privacy Settings.
  • Enter the e-mail address you want associated with Game Center.
  • Enter a nickname.
  • Enter Apple ID information.
  • Enter Country or Region.
  • Click Done to save account.

Add a Game Center Photo

  • Click Add Photo or hit Blank Photo.
  • Choose an existing photo or take a new one using your iPad’s camera.
  • Click Use to keep the photo or Retake to reshoot the picture.

Add a Game Center Status

  • Hit the blank field below game stats.
  • Type a new status update.
  • Click Done in Keyboard to keep status.

Send Friend Invitations

  • Click the Add Friends ribbon.
  • Enter the e-mail or nickname of friends using Game Center or people you wish to invite.
  • Click Send.
  • Once approved, your friend will be added to your friends list and you can play them head to head.

Download Games from GameCenter

  • Hit the Games icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose a game in the Games Recommendation screen.
  • View Leaderboard scores, your current rank, and achievements.
  • Click the Free tab to access the download screen.
  • Hit Free to install the game.

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