Hands-on With the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker

My partner in crime, Jeffery Wilson, documents his first experience playing the Rocker in the video below. (Note: Michael "turn down that ruckus" Prospero enters at the end because the Rocker is just not meant for closed conference rooms or office buildings!).

We have been waiting to get our hands-on a lot of stuff we saw at CES 2008. But beyond the Lenovo Idea Pad U110 and the Wi-Max EeePC there is Jada's Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker. The "toy" (though personally I think it is much more than that) lets you unlock your inner rock star without having to be tied to your PS3 or XBox360.

The product, which will be available March 4 for $29.99, includes all you need to play the mobile electric air guitar. In the box are guitar pics and a rockin’ belt buckle that, when connected to a wearable mini-amplifier, allows the user to wave the pick over the belt buckle and play air guitar to some seriously mobile music.

Jada stopped by our offices today and, to be honest, we couldn't wait for them to scoot their way out the door so we could be left alone with our new Air Guitar Rocker.

Stay tuned to see how much money we collect playing the Air Guitar Rocker in Times Square tonight.